Stand Alones

Rainy Day

Posted on 23 August, 2011

As a student, waking up on a rainy, Grahamstown, Sunday, morning is probably the most brutal experience of your life. Your face is haggard and contorted by the foolish debauchery of the night before. Your stomach churns poison, side to side, like an angry rickety washing machine. Your body hates you, you’re in the dog box and there’s no getting out.  Oh and if your hangover isn’t enough? There’s a 3000 word, fire-breathing dragon you have to slay before  first period the next day.

 On one such, Not-so-sunny-Sunday , the universe sympathized (or even laughed) at my debilitated state and kindly threw me a life line. The  rain stopped, the clouds parted, and for a brief moment, the deranged train in my head came to a stop. Armed with my camera and a vow of temporary sobriety, I stepped out of the house in the hope of a visual pick-me-up.

I got into my car,  and this was the first thing I saw…

Upload from August 22, 2011



Posted on 17 August, 2011

Like brothers in arms, my hard drive and laptop have mutinied against me! They have me on my knees, with a sword to the head, demanding I set their gigabytes free.  The young queen must concede

I’ve been uploading ‘sets’ of photographs, and I think that’s why there’s so much space in between my uploads.  In my tyranny, i’ve been manically uploading and dumping  photographs in every nook of space on my gadgets.  i thought it’s time i aired them out, by showing you all the serendipitous moments that happen in between the ‘sets’.

This page is all about single images, with no particular context or explanation. At school we used to call these Stand Alones - one photograph tells the entire story. These are everyday situations where it’s just my camera, that moment and me.
Almost everything is a photograph; my eyes delight in the randomness of it all.

Here is the first of many to come.


Upload from August 12, 2011


this is amazing!
Jozi London
Beautiful is an understatement!

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