In Transit: Johannesburg to the World

A week ago I got back from a 10 day excursion to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Dubai.  Now I love South Africa, but I’ve always wanted to be international, borderless and multi coastal, with the notion of ‘home’ being wherever my feet land. My hairs stand up when I think of the emotional transformation I’ve undergone these past few days.

As an artist, I’m always looking for inspiration, and this trip came just in time to show me that there is magic everywhere. Out there and right here. The magic is wherever you are. These photographs reflect that state of mind. Most of them where taken while I was in a cab, or as the subjects whizzed passed me. Everything was moving. Life was moving! This post is called “In Transit” and this refers not only to my physical escapades but to living outside of myself, as an observer. In this head space I feel my photographs are best, because they have absolutely nothing to do with me. 

 During my days of varsity, coming from a background of photojournalism, my photographic style has been quite technical. Movement is customarily done with a tripod, and sharpness is the closest thing to gold. The technical police would definitely have me tried for some of these photographs but they embody the whirlwind motion and transitory space I was in. I am forever changed. As a photographer, as a person and as an energy interacting with the energy of the world. There is nothing like constantly being in gear, whether on a airplane, on a train, on a subway, on a scooter, in a taxi and on my feet. The notion of standstill left 10 000km behind.

I love being in places where nobody speaks your language! where you’re using your hands, making strange sound effects and experiencing verbal dyslexia. Because the reality is, words don’t exist, there is only action. There is only LIFE!

Hong Kong is a metropolitan wonderland. Tall buildings, girls wearing stilettos like sneakers and a high fashion stores on every corner. People are on the move. Guangzhou on the other hand is like a gigantic flea market. EVERYTHING has a market: bags, watches, electronics, cosmetics, clothing, furniture, and a million of others I have yet to discover. For a girl like me, its utter paradise. There’s quiet elegance and then there’s a Dubai. I was only there for 23 hours  but the beauty of the UAE is unlike anything my eyes have seen. It truly is the stuff of fairytales. My word, the architecture is dreamlike! This multi-international hub of activity is stridently extravagant from their toilet seats to their airport.

I literally cried when I got back home because for the first time in 10 days I was…still. I realized that being in an unfamiliar space is my most comfortable state. In the unknown all you have is your spirit, your floating, borderless being.  You  become conscious of how, simultaneously, small you are in the greater world, and how immense you are as a force.

Travel is my soul.




Untitled-1.jpg IMG_5360.jpg IMG_5425.jpg IMG_5394.jpg Untitled-2.jpg


Untitled-4.jpg Untitled-3a.jpg Untitled-7.jpg IMG_5966.jpg IMG_5534.jpg IMG_5783.jpg IMG_5629.jpg IMG_5765a.jpg Untitled-9.jpg Untitled-12.jpg Untitled-17.jpg


UNTITLED9.jpg UNTITLED8.jpg UNTILTED2.jpg UNTITLED4.jpg Untitled-1_1.jpg UNTITLED6.jpg UNTILTED5.jpg


TheBrother Moves On



So recently I’ve happened upon a gem of a band. The Brother Moves On is an amalgamation of visual artistry, narration and badass talent. Its music that makes you think, and music that reminds you that you’re alive. Its really unlike anything I’ve heard this side of the equator.The first time I heard them I was on a rooftop, in central Johannesburg, at sunset. While my socks blew off my feet, I remember thinking “wow, this is unreal!”

It’s hard to describe a sound, especially one that leaves you speechless. Go listen for yourself at     Keep your ears on the ground for these guys, my crystal ball tells me that they’re going to be huge.


TheBrother Moves On @Skaftien 

IMG_3679.jpg IMG_3740.jpg 



























TheBrother Moves On @The Bohemian

Design For Style Johannesburg Launch

This Friday I photographed an event for Design For Style (DFS). Design For Style is this amazing company that is giving young talented designers an opportunity to showcase their work, through fashion shows and media exposure. As a young photographer I avidly support any venture to discover young talent, because there’s a lot of it out there waiting for the chance to blow your socks off! Check out the DFS website at

Whimsical Fairy Picnic

A couple of weeks ago, my homie Nhlamulo turned 22, and had a fairy/whimsical themed birthday picnic. These photographs were beyond a pleasure to take…it was a beautiful day, with such an enchanting atmosphere and blend of people. Hope u enjoy them…



















The Dirty Skirts at Rhodes University

Okay so you take a live band, 200 Rhodes students, R5 shots, and my camera…you mix them all together and you get these Dirty Skirts photographs. Live performance are  single handedly my favourite thing to shoot…although, you’ll soon notice that I have a lot of favourites. This 4 man band from Cape Town came to Rhodes University and completely illustrated that South African music is the verge of something HUGE. They’re categorized as “Indie Rock” but I think that they should just put in the “Euphoric wave that make your kness buckle” catergory. Seriously, at times I didn’t know whether to shoot or break into convulsions. In the majority of these photos is Jeremy de Tolly on vocals  and David Moffat on guitar. Mark De Menezes is on drums and Maurice Paliaga on bass.

After I photographed this gig my fate was sealed. In the very near future I’m going to be donning Welligtons and raincoats casing the music festivals of the world. If I could spend the rest of my life photographing live bands I would be the happiest person that ever lived.

 Let me know what u think…

Beautiful friends make Beautiful Portraits

The only thing i love more than shooting portraits, is shooting portraits of my friends. I think i should take this opportunity to thank them for tolerating me and my camera constantly in their faces. The beautiful thing about photographing friends is that there is an IMMENSE amount of love behind it. I wanted to showcase these photographs in threes because I enjoyed the visual effect and it really gives an all round feel for each of their personalities. This is my favourite post yet, i hope you guys dig it as much as i do. ENJOY!  








IMG_9155.JPGIMG_9156.JPG IMG_9147.jpg





IMG_6381.jpgIMG_4869.jpg IMG_6737.JPG






The Meintjies Family

While working for Grocatt’s Mail i was assigned to do a story on a family that was complaining about the lack of maintenance of their government sponsored mud house in Joza Ext 9, Grahamstown. Not only was the state of the house in almost disrepair, but the children of the family were treated as equal partners in the responsibilities of the household. At the age of five, Meagan, the oldest is expected to change her younger sister’s nappy and help your mother clean the house. Three year old Jade helps with the laundry, separating lights and darks into different piles. The conditions that these children were living in truly broke my heart and is just a microcosm of the poverty and misplaced childhood that exists all over the country.

Beaufort Street Car Wash

Welcome to my first blog post! Getting started on this sucker was more difficult than I had anticipated, only because I had a hard time choosing which photographs to show you first. I decided on these car wash pictures that I took in Grahamstown, South Africa, because this was the first time that I actually started feeling like Photography and I were a jam and peanut sandwich; indelibly joined at the hip (well, at the bread). This is were I started to feel warm and fuzzy every time I looked through my viewfinder, because when passion enters your heart, EVERY frame and angle speaks to you. In these photographs are my two amigos, Rebaone Mangope and Lori Duiker, and this is us hanging out on a bottle of Twizza Cola and Vodka while waiting for our rides. These photographs are not  my technical or creative best, but they were the beginning of a vast exploration of creativity. The rest you’ll see as time unfolds, so visit often because I plan to publish a new post every week :)