Splashy Fen Music Festival

Splashy Fen is the birth child of a couple with an insatiable taste for music; who eleven years ago, had the brilliant idea of transforming their enormous farm in the Underburg (Southern Drakensburg) into a beautifully well organized meeting of live music, art and kindred spirits.

I’ve always wanted to go to a music festival. I remember being a sixteen year old quasi-hipster searching for signifiers of my essence and in my montage of dreams, music festivals were always prominent. I used to fantasize about being in massive crowds, rocking out as a collective energy with the sludge of mud underneath my Wellingtons.   I think I’ve always known my need to be surrounded my unfamiliarity. I cant wrap my head around how many different flavours of human beings exist! In my perfect world, I’d meet them all.

My last post was about interpersonal space, but with this one I was being invited into people’s personal spaces. With these photographs it was all about the people. What I absolutely adored was the profound sense of camaraderie in the air. The campsites were a neutral zone where everything, but the present moment ,fell away. There was such a willingness on everyone’s part to make it a mutually friendly environment. Random conversations and interactions with people that my usual social life wouldn’t extend the opportunity of meeting. Really, just pure magnetism.

This is more than just a music festival, its an all round outdoor adventure. I was so excited to sleep in a tent. I havnt been camping in almost five years, but I quickly remembered that hygiene was for the weak! There was a peculiar comfort that I found in being dirty.  Unwashed and completely raw, almost like the  experience I’d been having was stuck in my pores. There’s this sense of primal humanness that you feel when you’re out there in the elements like that. Nothing gives one more perspective than falling asleep to the lullaby of live music and waking up to a breathtaking view of the mountains with the smell of camp fire all around you.

The bands that performed this year were out of this world. its crazy to think how much talent this country has! I’ll admit that I didn’t know at least half of the live acts before the festival, but I left as a fan…a groupie even. Some of the folks that blessed my ears were Steve Newman, The Rudimentals, Goodluck, Fruit and Veggies and tons more.

I  also really enjoyed the journey to the Festival. I love road trips! Everything about them from the fuel stops, the unhealthy treats, the  old school music, but most importantly what I see out the window. Some of these journey photographs are among my favorites that I’ve ever taken. This festival opened my eyes to the importance of packing a bag, donning your walking shoes and getting out of the city.

I am so thrilled that this is the beginning of an annual tradition


On the Road  IMG_6163.jpg IMG_6204.jpg IMG_6197.jpg IMG_6313.jpg IMG_6471.jpg IMG_6279.jpg IMG_6243.jpg IMG_6252.jpg IMG_6232.jpg IMG_6524.jpg

Splashy! IMG_6543.jpg


IMG_6630.jpg IMG_6604-2.jpg

IMG_6628.jpg  IMG_7165.jpg IMG_7149.jpg

Modify-Curves-Layer.jpg IMG_6680.jpg

IMG_6792.jpg IMG_6795.jpg IMG_7171.jpg IMG_6830.jpg IMG_6861.jpg IMG_6864.jpg IMG_6836.jpg IMG_6703.jpg IMG_6718.jpg


IMG_6850.jpg IMG_6736.jpg IMG_7106.jpg IMG_7120.jpg IMG_7123.jpg 

Live Performances

The Rudimentals 

IMG_6886.jpg IMG_6898-2.jpg IMG_6884.jpg IMG_6912.jpg


IMG_6982.jpg IMG_7029.jpg IMG_7057.jpg IMG_6985.jpg IMG_7081.jpg


IMG_6955.jpg IMG_6963.jpg IMG_7065.jpg


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