Invisible Cities: Part One

If you were to tell people to congregate on a roof top, the day before work, in the freezing  cold, I bet  the answer would be a resounding “hell to the no!” But if you were to add that its Invisible Cities part 1, featuring The Frown and The Brother Moves On, suddenly you have 200+ people queuing like housewives at a sale, to get in the door. Okay so you had to climb, what seemed to be, an infinite number of stairs to get to the top. And yes it was the kind of cold that marinated in your marrow, but it was worth it to be involved in this kind of project. Even as just a witness.

Invisible Cities Part 1 is the first installment in a series of 12 events that will take place every month throughout the year.  It’s a collaboration of music and art set against the backdrop of barren buildings and desolate spaces that are soon to be redesigned as part of the Maboneng  Arts Precinct family. I think it’s a brilliant idea hosting this kind of event in places that are in a state of flux. People get to experience a space before it has a purpose,  and before it has a name. This really mirrors the transitory state of the city, where the notion of categorization is quickly falling away.

Johannesburg is a synthesis of cultural evolution where possibility is the key theme. We are all catalysts; reacting, changing, and adapting with the progression of Art in this beautiful city. This is exactly the idea behind the festival; that the prospect of change is entirely dependent on imagination. The “city” exists beyond its concrete manifestation and enters into a liminal headspace, where the power to transform it lies in the minds of the creatively unapologetic. The Frown and The Brother Moves On were chosen for Invisible Cities because their music dares you to question, what is and what will be.

Like the cityscape, music and performance art fuse in bold and unconventional ways that provide new textures and patchworks with which to build the Johannesburg that we want to have, and are entirely free to have. Visibility is perception. Invisibility is the power to move away from what you see and letting the wave of the creative process carry you to unforeseen destinations.

Based on the first event, I cannot wait to see the dynamism with which this project is surely to expand. 

IMG_7443_2.jpg IMG_7415_2.jpg IMG_7426_2.jpg IMG_7454_2.jpg IMG_7578_2.jpg IMG_7511_2.jpg IMG_7545_2.jpg IMG_7543_2.jpg IMG_7549_2.jpg IMG_7488_2.jpg IMG_7553_2.jpg IMG_7529_2.jpg IMG_7539_2.jpg IMG_7484_2.jpg IMG_7589_2.jpg IMG_7435_2.jpg IMG_7616_2.jpg IMG_7605_2.jpg IMG_7593_3.jpg IMG_7590_2.jpg IMG_7527_2.jpg IMG_7550_2.jpg IMG_7571_2.jpg IMG_7439_2.jpg IMG_7399_2.jpg IMG_7457_2.jpg IMG_7430_2.jpg IMG_7452_2.jpg IMG_7410_2.jpg IMG_7632_2.jpg IMG_7650_2.jpg IMG_7636_2.jpg IMG_7644_2.jpg IMG_7694_2.jpg IMG_7706_2.jpg

IMG_7697_2.jpg IMG_7768_2.jpg

IMG_7754_2.jpg IMG_7725_2.jpg IMG_7808_2.jpgIMG_7699_2.jpg  IMG_7815_2.jpg


Candice Cupido
These are amazing! Tell me you need help!
jasmyn Asvat
Thanks for making me feel like i was there...beautiful pics! MAGIC! Big love!
Mad crazy photos!!! Amazing Mapho...keep at it luv!
these are slick. be glad yo.
sigqibo Shoba
im really enjoying this photoblog. with each month i wait in anticipation of your next entry, to see your refreshing take on space, time and travel. the pictures are super! like the write ups. overall = schwazzin blog!
Wow these are friggin awesome pics!!! Well done!
The inspiration that comes through in your work put me on a buzz.
Fantastico-Tabasco, great pics but these artists look dodge, tsk

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