The Meintjies Family

While working for Grocatt’s Mail i was assigned to do a story on a family that was complaining about the lack of maintenance of their government sponsored mud house in Joza Ext 9, Grahamstown. Not only was the state of the house in almost disrepair, but the children of the family were treated as equal partners in the responsibilities of the household. At the age of five, Meagan, the oldest is expected to change her younger sister’s nappy and help your mother clean the house. Three year old Jade helps with the laundry, separating lights and darks into different piles. The conditions that these children were living in truly broke my heart and is just a microcosm of the poverty and misplaced childhood that exists all over the country.


you have a way with the camera, lovely pictures
Great work, you truely are a pro at taking photographs. As said as the Meintjies story is but your work is outstanding girl.
so heart-breaking.....
gr8 pics yeah>but the situation they cover!geez man

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