Beaufort Street Car Wash

Welcome to my first blog post! Getting started on this sucker was more difficult than I had anticipated, only because I had a hard time choosing which photographs to show you first. I decided on these car wash pictures that I took in Grahamstown, South Africa, because this was the first time that I actually started feeling like Photography and I were a jam and peanut sandwich; indelibly joined at the hip (well, at the bread). This is were I started to feel warm and fuzzy every time I looked through my viewfinder, because when passion enters your heart, EVERY frame and angle speaks to you. In these photographs are my two amigos, Rebaone Mangope and Lori Duiker, and this is us hanging out on a bottle of Twizza Cola and Vodka while waiting for our rides. These photographs are not  my technical or creative best, but they were the beginning of a vast exploration of creativity. The rest you’ll see as time unfolds, so visit often because I plan to publish a new post every week :)


Sibs Rani
Awesome Pics!!! Nice work hon!
Sethu Vilakazi
totally dig the vibe, i will be watching this space on the regular don't forget us when you're all famous! :-D
tres impressive!!!!!!
Jeanne Mahlaba
Ah, Mapo these are cool. Love em!
Tshepo van Roos
Absolutely Love these pics

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