The Dirty Skirts at Rhodes University

Okay so you take a live band, 200 Rhodes students, R5 shots, and my camera…you mix them all together and you get these Dirty Skirts photographs. Live performance are  single handedly my favourite thing to shoot…although, you’ll soon notice that I have a lot of favourites. This 4 man band from Cape Town came to Rhodes University and completely illustrated that South African music is the verge of something HUGE. They’re categorized as “Indie Rock” but I think that they should just put in the “Euphoric wave that make your kness buckle” catergory. Seriously, at times I didn’t know whether to shoot or break into convulsions. In the majority of these photos is Jeremy de Tolly on vocals  and David Moffat on guitar. Mark De Menezes is on drums and Maurice Paliaga on bass.

After I photographed this gig my fate was sealed. In the very near future I’m going to be donning Welligtons and raincoats casing the music festivals of the world. If I could spend the rest of my life photographing live bands I would be the happiest person that ever lived.

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Keep them coming, I'm a fan!
Nhlamulo Tlakula
Mapo you are so talented. Your work is breath taking. Can't wait to tell the world that I know you!

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